Preschool Education is one of your child’s finest experiences in his life.

It is at this stage where the bigger development of the child takes place as he enters a new world beyond the boundaries of home. At CLC, all of your child’s experiences will prepare him for later steps in learning.


  • in the uniqueness, dignity and worth of every individual

  • that through education, man can be developed as a total being along with his God given gifts.

  • that every human being is in the process of becoming and so, can become whatever he wants to be, given appropriate   guidance   encouragement   and inspiration.


  • To continue, reinforce and strengthen what the home has started for the child in terms of moral and spiritual values.

  • To provide planned wholesome experiences and opportunities for social interaction with peers and other significant values.

  • To promote in the child a healthy self-concept through constant affirmation by providing activities that will draw out his latent talents.

  • To create an atmosphere that will promote in the child a love for learning that would lead to a positive self-concept and an immediate academic readiness for Grade School and High School.

Ultimately, at CLC, we provide a great first learning experience for your child that is specially designed to equip them for the highly-structured learning format of big schools. 

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