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We are more than pleased with the friendliness, patience, and helpfulness of CLC staff and teachers. We believe this contributed significantly with how Sammie progressed well over the past 3 years. More than just academics, we love how CLC values family, ensuring that they organize activities that involve the whole family.

Albeit challenging, they were quick to adjust to distance learning (nearly flawless) and were able to encourage adaptability of the children as well. It’s sad that Sammie wasn’t able to spend her last year in CLC physically in school, and express her gratitude to everyone – she really enjoyed the place and everyone there. Needless to say, we are definitely enrolling our son with them when it’s time for him to go to school.

- Mommy Christine

When it comes to our child’s education, we, as parents, always try to find the best school that offers quality education.

We knew about Child Learning Center through one of our colleagues who went there when he was still in Kindergarten. He said that it was where he learned how to read and that his favorite teacher is still teaching in the school. That says a lot about the school already. We scouted different schools back then, but Child Learning Center really came on top. Fast forward to 2 years, we really can say that we made the perfect choice to let our daughter Cookie study in CLC. Our daughter not only learned how to read, write, and do basic math but she also learned to be confident in speaking up and explaining her ideas, be independent in doing a lot of things, and even made a lot of friends.

Cookie really looks forward to every morning for her class because she gets to learn a lot while enjoying. She told us that her favorite things to do in her online class are annotation, listening to stories, and making art. Surprisingly Cookie was able to adapt well from face-to-face class to online class. Thank you so much to all the teachers and CLC Administration for making it easy for the kids and the parents alike.

- Daddy Dinno and Mommy Honey

Back in 2017, we went visiting schools near our place for our preschoolers: Tanya and Nicka, then ages 4 and 2 respectively. After a few hops, we came across CLC. We were welcomed by a friendly Kuya, the Calachuchi trees, Ate Eng and Ate Susan and of course, the playground! On our way home, we asked the girls their school of choice. Their answer: "The school with a wide playground and with three slides! Because school is fun!"

Even with the pandemic and online learning, CLC has continually taught the girls to master the art of ABCs and the science of 123s in a fun environment. But beyond those skills, they have taught children the value of friendship, independence and creativity among others.

Thank you CLC! Nicka's transition to the big school will be a breeze, just like that of Ate Tanya's.

- Mommy PJ

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