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At CLC, we provide children with various educational experiences from the least formal (socialization) to the more structured (reading, writing, arithmetic). A child moves through four continuous levels which will ensure the student's progress at a steady and growing pace. As a whole, CLC aims to provide quality and basic education which is specially designed to prepare children for the highly structured set-up of formal and big schools.


A. PRE-NURSERY (2 to 2.11 years old)


Children at this level are primarily taught how to adjust to their immediate social environment. Teachers who are aware of the toddler’s need for socialization welcome each boy and girl to the class where an atmosphere of independence and autonomy is fostered. Vocabulary expansion and accurate sentence patterns are given emphasis while letter, color and number recognition are introduced. Tracing and free-hand scribbling are basic fine motor skills which are developed.

B. SENIOR NURSERY (3 to 3.11 years old)


The nursery child is prepared to work independently on paper and pencil activities such as writing, coloring and drawing. In this stage, the child’s power of observation and attention is enhanced. Counting, letter recognition and mastering of sound of the letters are emphasized. Senior Nursery students are also exposed to pre-reading skills through sight words.

C. KINDERGARTEN-1 (4 to 4.11 years old)

This is designed for a more formal mode of schooling. The kinder students are introduced to phonetic reading and sight reading, eventually leading them to be readers. School hours are longer by thirty minutes because writing is also given great significance in the learning process. Children who have enjoyed the benefit of being a nursery student at CLC are well prepared for this level.


D. KINDERGARTEN-2 (5 to 5.11 years old)


Students in the K2 level are expected to copy and write well on lined paper as well as read phrases and sentences with comprehension. The child is expected to develop good study and work habits by means of accomplishing written assignments. At this level, they should be able to read directions from textbooks. Filipino instruction is introduced at the K2 level so as to prepare the pupil for Filipino subjects as they move into grade school. Special attention is given to pupils with remedial or advance needs in order to ensure each child’s smooth transition to Grade 1.


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