Our Story


Years ago, a mother of two bouncing toddlers dreamed of having her own school - a school that would carry out her mission of providing children with the most innovative learning tools and techniques in preschool education.


This dream dates back to her childhood days when as a grader she would assume the role of a classroom adviser. She grew up and decided that she deserved a real classroom with real students. No more “make believe”. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Child Study from Maryknoll College and a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counselling at De La Salle University, she embarked on her teaching career. Starting with St. Jude Catholic School in 1968, she finally reached the peak of a phase in her life as Assistant Acting Dean of the Child Study Department of Maryknoll College, and as Acting Dean of the Child Study Center (Preschool) as well. Her stint at the International School also gave her enough exposure on teaching children of different cultures and on the modern techniques of education.

Mrs. Sylvia Limon is that mother. In 1976 she decided it was time she let this dream out of the box. Hence, Child Learning Center was born.