Things You Should Look for in a Pre-School… And can find at CLC!

It is definitely a challenging task to look for an appropriate school for your loved ones.

Here are some tips that may help.

1) A comprehensive curriculum:

A good preschool has a well-planned curriculum that promotes learning and development in a fun environment. A good program should include well-balanced activities that include music, storytelling, art and other fun activities or programs.

At CLC, we also have a grading and assessment system that regularly tracks the progress of child’s learning. An open communication is also fostered between the parents and the school, to share updates on their behavior, social interaction and overall growth.

It is also important that a pre-school has the proper permit to operate and is recognized by the Department of Education. This will ensure that schools follow their strict guidelines to be able to maintain the highest standards.

2) Qualified teachers:

Experienced teachers are definitely important for an educational institution. Qualified teachers understand the importance of knowing their students - having the ability to develop a relationship with them that allows the children to explore and learn. At CLC, teachers have years of experience encouraging their students to grow to their fullest potential.

It also says a great deal about the school if there is a low turnover rate. Parents want an institution that has committed, happy teachers who are invested in the children and in the school. At CLC, Kinder 2 teacher, Ms Arlene is known for being a stickler for excellence, she has been with the school for 33 years. The students are also quite fond of our teacher’s assistants or ‘Ates’. Ate Eng and Ate Susan have been caring for our students for 26 and 33 years, respectively and continue to be valued members of the CLC family. Ms Mina of Kinder 1 and Ms Monique of Pre-Nursery have been devoted to their students for 11 years.

It is no doubt that CLC is a happy home, not only for our students but for our teachers as well.

3) Happy students, happy parents:

Though it’s always important to visit a pre-school and form your own opinions of it, reviews from other parents whose kids have attended mean a lot. At CLC, there are parents who graduated as early as 1984 and are now sending their own toddlers to the school. Such a great testament to the type of education that CLC provides!

4) An environment conducive to learning:

At CLC, our Pre-Nursery classes have no more than 15 kids to a class; while our Senior Nursery, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 have a maximum of 20 students. Aside from the school being a clean and colorful place, our class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure that the student-teacher ratio is appropriate for learning. It is important that teachers are able to pay proper attention to each child and their progress.

5) Parent partners:

It is important that parents understand that they are their child’s first teachers. At CLC, teachers communicate regularly with parents and discuss any concerns that may arise.

A good pre-school will also involve the parents in field trips and other special events to ensure that they also provide opportunities for them to be involved in the classroom. CLC also creates different special events such as the annual Family Day where the whole community can come together.

6) Big school success:

We pride ourselves to be a top-notch preparatory school. Not only do our students have a high acceptance rate into the best schools for Grade 1, they also are able to adjust faster and successfully adapt to the new demands of big school.

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