More than ABCs and 1-2-3!

“Mom, do you know the life cycle of a butterfly? It starts as an egg, then it will be a caterpillar. It will stay in the cocoon then it will be a butterfly!” – Pepper, 3y/o

“Mom, do you know that how you treat other people is like giving them the permission how to treat you?” – Ginger, 5y/o

These are the things I never expected to hear from my daughters when they were at that age, especially when they can hardly say the word “yellow” or “fiesta” at that time. But these are the times that I know, we as parents, have done something right. Did I teach them that? Nope. Did they hear it from their Dad? Also, nope. So what credit am I taking? That we decided to enroll them at CLC.

During this challenging time for everyone, CLC has helped us ease into the new normal. A few weeks after the declaration of ECQ, they offered summer online classes. This has relieved a bit of weight from us parents – how we can guide our kids to adapt to the current situation, have a preview of how things will be from now on (hopefully for the meantime), and just basically, have someone else be there for them. The classes were done in different interactive approaches – storytelling, arts and crafts, and games. Teachers are very engaging, attentive, and patient. Did I already mention very patient?

I think most parents will agree when I say that we want a good head start for our children, and finding a preschool where the kids would feel welcomed, secured, and cared for, is very important. Not only the kids, but also the parents. Most of the time, parents guide their children in choosing the right friends, but sometimes your children help you find your tribe. They say that it takes a village to raise a kid, and we are glad that we have found our village in CLC, through the teachers, staff, and co-parents.

Surely, we are happy at CLC, happy they’re here with us. Because learning at CLC is definitely more than ABCs and 1-2-3!

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