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"Because School is Fun!"

Back in 2017, we went visiting schools near our place for our preschoolers: Tanya and Nicka, then ages 4 and 2 respectively. After a few hops, we came across CLC. We were welcomed by a friendly Kuya, the Calachuchi trees, Ate Eng and Ate Susan and of course, the playground! On our way home, we asked the girls their school of choice. Their answer: "The school with a wide playground and with three slides! Because school is fun!"

Even with the pandemic and online learning, CLC has continually taught the girls to master the art of ABCs and the science of 123s in a fun environment. But beyond those skills, they have taught children the value of friendship, independence and creativity among others.

Thank you CLC! Nicka's transition to the big school will be a breeze, just like that of Ate Tanya's.

- Mommy PJ

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