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See what parents say about Child Learning Center. Whether face-to-face or through our online/ virtual preschool classes, it is our pleasure to be able to raise happy learners!

"Sameer was less than 2 years old when he started his pre-nursery class in CLC. At first, I was hesitant if he will be able to manage an online class setup given his age. However, as the weeks of online class went by, I noticed that my son looked forward to every Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday as he had class at CLC.
I know an online class setup was quite a challenge to teachers, parents and guardians in the beginning - but the patience that Teacher Monique had to execute and deliver online class to my less than two year old and get him to patiently sit and be attentive is very admirable!
We now end the school year with a 2-year-old who is more expressive, and can recognise colours, letters and numbers - thank you teacher Monique and CLC.
I made the right choice and the right investment in my child’s education in CLC! ❤️"

- Mommy Vinaya Dargani (May 2021)

"We feel so fortunate that OK is enrolled at CLC, especially during this pandemic. Child Learning Center quickly and seamlessly transitioned the students to online learning. They engage students to arts and crafts, making all subjects so invigorating, enriching and fun. We are thankful to the teachers and management for their excellent effort and skill in making a successful virtual learning program that continues to keep the journey of learning on-going. 
We believe that early years are important in shaping a child’s social, emotional and literacy skills that is why at the age of 2.9 years old we entrusted OK at CLC to provide him a good foundation for learning and development."

- Olive and Penn (May 2021)

"Alicia attending class at CLC was full of many firsts - it was her first ever class of any kind, it was a first for us parents having only 1 child, plus, it was our first online class experience in general too. However, despite this, we were surprised and proud to see Alicia blend in as early as her trial class. I think having a small group and a very knowledgeable and patient teacher contributed a lot to the success of Alicia’s adaptation of attending a class. 
I expected CLC to assist us with our little student. From the enrollment process, to the scheduling of classes, materials needed etc. (since as I’ve mentioned it was our first time) and I’m glad to say that CLC did just that. I’m glad I found this school and I’m looking forward to another year of learning for our little Alicia."

- Mommy Patricia Jocson (May 2021)

"We are more than pleased with the friendliness, patience, and helpfulness of CLC staff and teachers. We believe this contributed significantly with how Sammie progressed well over the past 3 years. More than just academics, we love how CLC values family, ensuring that they organize activities that involve the whole family. 


Albeit challenging, CLC was quick to adjust to distance learning (nearly flawless) and were able to encourage adaptability of the children as well. It’s sad that Sammie wasn’t able to spend her last year in CLC physically in school, and express her gratitude to everyone – she really enjoyed the place and everyone there. Needless to say, we are definitely enrolling our son with them when it’s time for him to go to school."

- The Santico Family

"I expected that SY 2020-2021 is one for the books given the unknown challenges even us parents would have to face along with our kids during online classes, and I'm glad that CLC chose to stick to its regular teaching method but done online. It was a good initiative to breakdown the regular K2 class into 2 groups wherein each child is able to actively participate in the smaller classes. Both Teacher Karla and Teacher Arlene made sure no child is left behind. And I could attest that Shawn, despite his playfulness, was given the same learning opportunity as the rest of the class. And I'm very grateful that he was grouped with good-natured kids who also cheered on him especially on learning to read well, and that he reached his graduation day able to read well on his own."

- Mommy Rosey M. (May 2021)

"Back in 2017, we went visiting schools near our place for our preschoolers: Tanya and Nicka, then ages 4 and 2 respectively. After a few hops, we came across CLC. We were welcomed by a friendly Kuya, the Calachuchi trees, Ate Eng and Ate Susan and of course, the playground! On our way home, we asked the girls their school of choice. Their answer: "The school with a wide playground and with three slides! Because school is fun!"
Even with the pandemic and online learning, CLC has continually taught the girls to master the art of ABCs and the science of 123s in a fun environment. But beyond those skills, they have taught children the value of friendship, independence and creativity among others.
Thank you CLC! Nicka's transition to the big school will be a breeze, just like that of Ate Tanya's.

- Bucad Family (March 2021)


"Enrolling our son in Child Learning Center is one of the best parenting decisions we have ever made. My family is forever grateful for the structure and guidance that CLC has provided for our son. His confidence and demeanor have improved a lot. With the help of his teachers, he unlocked so many skills like writing, basic spelling of words, doing simple Math and so many more. CLC really does live up to its hashtag #HappyatCLC."

- Daddy Janky & Mommy Celine (May 2021)


When it comes to our child’s education, we, as parents, always try to find the best school that offers quality education.

We knew about Child Learning Center through one of our colleagues who went there when he was still in Kindergarten. He said that it was where he learned how to read and that his favorite teacher is still teaching in the school. That says a lot about the school already. We scouted different schools back then, but Child Learning Center really came on top.

Fast forward to 2 years, we really can say that we made the perfect choice to let our daughter Cookie study in CLC. Our daughter not only learned how to read, write, and do basic math but she also learned to be confident in speaking up and explaining her ideas, be independent in doing a lot of things, and even made a lot of friends.

Cookie really looks forward to every morning for her class because she gets to learn a lot while enjoying. She told us that her favorite things to do in her online class are annotation, listening to stories, and making art.

Surprisingly Cookie was able to adapt well from face-to-face class to online class. Thank you so much to all the teachers and CLC Administration for making it easy for the kids and the parents alike.

- Daddy Dinno and Mommy Honey (March 2021)


"Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays were days Alice really looked forward to. She’d wake up early, get dressed and would always be excited and happy. The online classes were a treat for her because she’d get to see her friends and teacher. The learning, was a bonus! She enjoyed art, math, story time, and reading. I’m happy to report that she improved her reading during the quarantine - and I believe the online classes encouraged her to keep learning! 

With all the uncertainty happening, CLC’s Summer Fun was the best thing we had for her all summer. In fact, she missed it when it ended and even asked us when she’d go back to school!

We’re so grateful to CLC for this."

- Daddy Rommel and Mommy Rosel (May 2020)


"Mom, do you know the life cycle of a butterfly? It starts as an egg, then it will be a caterpillar. It will stay in the cocoon then it will be a butterfly!” – Pepper, 3y/o

“Mom, do you know that how you treat other people is like giving them the permission how to treat you?” – Ginger, 5y/o

These are the things I never expected to hear from my daughters when they were at that age, especially when they can hardly say the word “yellow” or “fiesta” at that time. But these are the times that I know, we as parents, have done something right. Did I teach them that? Nope. Did they hear it from their Dad? Also, nope. So what credit am I taking? That we decided to enroll them at CLC. 

During this challenging time for everyone, CLC has helped us ease into the new normal. A few weeks after the declaration of ECQ, they offered summer online classes. This has relieved a bit of weight from us parents – how we can guide our kids to adapt to the current situation, have a preview of how things will be from now on (hopefully for the meantime), and just basically, have someone else be there for them. 

The classes were done in different interactive approaches – storytelling, arts and crafts, and games. Teachers are very engaging, attentive, and patient. Did I already mention very patient? 

I think most parents will agree when I say that we want a good head start for our children, and finding a preschool where the kids would feel welcomed, secured, and cared for, is very important. Not only the kids, but also the parents. Most of the time, parents guide their children in choosing the right friends, but sometimes your children help you find your tribe. They say that it takes a village to raise a kid, and we are glad that we have found our village in CLC, through the teachers, staff, and co-parents.

Surely, we are happy at CLC, happy they’re here with us. Because learning at CLC is definitely more than ABCs and 1-2-3!"

- Daddy Gideon and Mommy Marie (April 2020)


"During this time of ECQ, it is difficult to find activities for our children. CLC's online Summer Fun Class is a great alternative to the usual classroom learning. Teacher Eunice' lessons has assortment of arts & crafts and songs that keeps my 4 year old son interested and entertained while also gaining new knowledge."

- Mommy Rhea (June 2020)

"CLC's Online Summer Fun Program was a wonderful experience for kids to continue their academic learnings despite our current situation. My daughter really had a great time with her classmates and teacher while doing their activities. We appreciate all the ideas and efforts that the admin and teachers had put on it! "

- Mrs. Pangan

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